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IoT GasTech Software

IoT Gas Detector

DAQ/Automation Software

  • Supports multi-position valves for multi-channel sampling:
    Supports Valco multi-position valve for multiple sample stream
  • s up to 16 channels!
  • Integrated with control valves, electrical devices, data acquisition
  • Enhance your production quality and avoid human mistakes
  • Save costs and lab space! 3D Design concept beyond traditional 2D layout!

Customized GCxGC Columns

GCxGC Operational Principle

  • GCxGC chromatography applies multiple GC columns (nonpolar and polar, and uncoated columns) connected in series. An uncoated column is normally installed inside a modulator.
  • Another uncoated column might be used as an interface from the analytical columns to a detector such as mass spectrometer.
  • Effluent from the first column is trapped in the modulator for very short time before being focused and injected into the second column .
  • The repetitive trapping and injection cycles allow the GCxGC system to generate two-dimensional chromatograms using specialized software.
  • The two-dimensional chromatogram indicates the boiling point and polarity on the respective axes.

Q-Lab Solutions

  • Save costs and Lab Space. 3D design Concept beyond traditional 2D layout.
  • Integration of current automation technologies. Save your valuable time and labor.
  • Integrated with control valves, electronic devices, data acquisition. Developed by ALAC’s Scientists and Engineers.
  • Automatic sampling, analysis, and data recording.
  • Enhance your production quality and avoid human mistakes.

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